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Link: http://wpeddit.com/2016/09/17/how-this-theme-works/

This is a sticky post. Once logged in you will need to ‘subscribe’ to ‘wpeddits’ to be shown your customised home page. If you don’t subscribe you won’t be shown anything 🙂 update: we have added an option to show the first category to everyone (this is useful for anything you tag as ‘uncategorized’) to change the name of that category simply edit the category

Submitting content.

The theme lets you create content from the front end. This is important if you’re running a website where you want your members to submit content.

submit-a-link     submit-a-text

The options are submit a link or submit text. The links are links to interesting content.  The text posts are more for discussions / questions where you want the community to comment on.


The theme allows your members to customise what is displayed on their front page through the use of subscriptions. When logged in the members will be able to ‘Manage Subscriptions’. Yes. I’m subscribed to boobs. Deal with it 🙂


When you follow the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ link you’re taken to the following page


Which lists all your categories and lets people subscribe to them. It also shows the subscriber count.

Manage your subscriptions

You can easily manage the subscriptions that are shown on your front page.


Your Front Page

The front page of the website is an index of all your posts. Each post has up/down voting against each post. The up/down activity of each post drives which tab the post shows up on


  • hot – these posts are the hottest posts ranked using the WPeddit algorithm. This is based on time since the post as well as up/down voting activity
  • new – the standard way of displaying posts. From the most recent first
  • rising – these are ‘trending’. Which posts are getting the most up-voting acitivity now. It uses the last 50 vote activity points. The higher the score (out of 50) the higher the post
  • controversial – these are the posts which are getting a lot of up and down activity. It may have a score of +10, but this may be 10,010 ups and 10,000 downs. So very controversial. A post with just 11 ups and 0 downs would ‘score’ higher. But would be lower in the list.
  • top – these are just the top posts by net ‘upvote’ scoring. Showing the most popular post of all time at the top.

For the rising and controversial tabs these only count activity by others on your post. So up then down voting your post 100,000 times will only count once towards it’s controversy score.

Your Profile Page

The profile page now has tabs too. As well as both post karma and comment karma. What does this mean.


First up is the tabs.

  • submitted – see in one place all the content you’ve submitted
  • comments – check out all the comments you’ve made
  • upvoted – a list of the content you’ve upvoted (not just your own posts)
  • downvoted – a list of the content you’ve downvoted (not just your own posts)

The KARMA section of the profile page gives you karma for

  • post karma – you get a + or a – on your karma score for OTHERS vote activity on your posts. If you post content then gets a lot of upvotes then your karma will rise. If you post crap. It will fall.
  • comment karma – like post karma, you get a + or a  – on your comment karma for others voting activity on your comments. Make a good insightful comment which gets a lot of up votes and you’ll see your comment karma rise. Comment useless junk and it’ll fall. 🙂 be warned.

Any questions leave a comment below on this post. If you like it. Vote it up!

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